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The purchase of a home is the most expensive thing you will do in your life. It is complicated when you are buying someone else’s home. It is even more challenging when you are building your own, that is unless, you have chosen the right person to help you. Cal Weber is that person. Cal worked with us on two different properties. The first one fell through because of government regulatory snafus, but even there, where we knew there were some wetland problems with the lot, Cal was able to guide us through a process of choosing a location and construction that would protect our investment. When we found the lot that we decide to purchase, Cal went over the lot with a fine tooth comb telling us the strengths and the weaknesses of the land and how to compensate for them. He was with us every step of the way in the design of our home. Cal has a keen eye for design and functionality. During the design phase he helped us make changes that would enhance the home and avoid making errors that would might eventually regret. Although there were a lot of decisions to be made, Cal was with us, using his experience to make our home exceed all our expectations. I have heard major disaster stories about contractors not showing up or costs greatly exceeding expectations. We did not experience any of this. The home was built at the cost he had told us and the contractors filed in and out like clockwork finishing exactly on time.  The workmanship is magnificent and the detail extraordinary. We pinch ourselves every time we go into it because it is so much lovelier then we could have anticipated. Even when the house was finished our relationship with Cal was not over.  Cal backs up all the work and is there in a moment’s notice to evaluate or educate us if a problem arises. This is the second home we have built but Cal made this process effortless, low anxiety and beautiful. I would recommend him to anyone who is building any style of home.

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