Log Home Building Success Wisconsin

Southeastern Wisconsin Log Home Build“I don’t know if anything I can say will do justice to the great building experience we had. We dreamed of building a log home for years. When we finally got serious about it we visited several log home manufacturers in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. We looked at many log homes. Then we discovered that new home being built a couple of miles away was a Tomahawk Log Home. The builder/owner was a Tomahawk Log Home dealer. After several visits with Cal and looking at a log home he had built, we visited Tomahawk Log Homes, We were happy with what we saw at Tomahawk and happy with what we saw or Cal’s work. We took the plunge. 9 months after groundbreaking our dream home was complete. The building process was not only painless, it was pleasurable. It was exciting to watch our house take shape – from the idea collection stage, the blueprints drawn up by Tomahawk, the site excavation and finally to the actual construction of the home. With the expert guidance of C. Weber Builders, the many decisions along the way were made easy. We were fortunate to live within a walking distance of the construction site for our new home. Every day we watched the progress. The finished home was even better than we had imagined. We are thankful for all the ideas Cal came up with along the way. The whole building experience was a lot of fun.”

-Rich Gudeyon



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